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50+ Years. 4 Generations. 10,000+ Rebuilds.

Jenkins Centrifuge was founded in 1966 as Jenkins Industrial Machine Works, located in an industrial area of Kansas City, MO. The local, family-owned machine shop earned a reputation of being able to handle any request sent its way, no matter how unusual or complicated.

In 1970 Jenkins was presented with our biggest challenge which led to our greatest opportunity. A Kansas City-based hide tanning company sought out Jenkins to repair their centrifuge. The customer was so impressed and word quickly spread across the Rendering Industry about our small machine shop in Kansas City that did top-quality centrifuge repairs.

Shortly thereafter, in 1972, we went all in to focus solely on centrifuge officially becoming Jenkins Centrifuge. We were the first and only company in the US to focus its entire operation on horizontal centrifuge repair. Over 50 years later, Jenkins Centrifuge still remains the largest family-owned, centrifuge repair company in the US.

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