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The Horizontal Centrifuge Rebuilding Experts

Reduce Costs and Ensure Maximum Performance

Your centrifuge is critical to your operation. That is why our only focus at Jenkins Centrifuge is to get you back to business. We deliver affordable repairs and optimize performance, without the worry of premature failures, so you can stay focused on your business.

When signs of excess wear such as fines turning up in your liquids, excessive vibration, or an overall decline performance occurs, contact us.  We will work with your plant’s schedule to streamline shipping, rebuilding and returning your equipment quickly.

Jenkins is more than your centrifuge repair shop, we are a partner in your plant’s success. In addition to centrifuge repairs, we also offer centrifuge operation education, preventative maintenance and optimization programs, and troubleshooting.  Contact us 24/7 for any centrifuge needs.

Rebuild Process



The first time we see your machine we stamp it with a JIM#. (Think of the JIM# as a VIN# on your vehicle). We use this number to track the history of your equipment’s repairs.  Many will think this is a small step but we know it’s a very important step in creating the longest lasting repairs in the business.

Each plant’s operations and needs are different and therefore equipment will wear out in different areas and at different rates. By tracking your equipment’s repairs year in and year out we can identify certain areas that we can focus our attention to prevent premature failure or wear.  This also allows us to make recommendations on how our customers run their equipment to ensure the longest useful life.


Disassembly & Cleaning

After the JIM# is documented we will begin the disassembly process which includes taking multiple photos throughout the process. After disassembly we will chemically clean and bead blast all parts to ensure a good clean surface for inspection.


Inspection & Estimation

Each machine is thoroughly inspected for wear and a detailed quote which includes anticipated delivery date, detailed description of repairs, photos, and a not to exceed price, is created and sent for approval.


Repair & Rebuild

Once approved we will perform the needed repairs that were detailed in the quote. This will include restoration of surfaces, future wear protection, balancing, and quality control.  All our repairs are brought to manufacturer specs. No detail is overlooked. You can guarantee you will not find a higher quality repair in the business.

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